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Using a Digital Thermostat Can Save You Money

In this world of ever increasing utility costs everyone is looking for ways to cut back on how much it costs to heat their home in the winter. By now most of us have spent a fair amount of money insulating our attics and replacing our windows with double or even triple glazed windows. We've added insulation to our walls and new weather-stripping to our doors and still cannot seem to get our bills down to where we think they should be. We have done everything except replace that old mechanical thermostat with a new digital thermostat.

Even if you have gone out and replace your old furnace with a brand new ultra efficient one you may still be missing out on the savings one of the new digital thermostats can provide. The problem with the old mechanical thermostats is that most of them rely on one method to detect when the temperature becomes low enough in your home to turn the heat on. Inside your old thermostat is a bi metallic coil that expands and contracts with temperature. Even when it was brand new it was not very accurate, if it is several years old it is even worse.

This means that while you might set your non digital thermostat at 20° C chances are good the fluctuations could vary as much as 4° C which can have a huge effect on your heating bill. Most new digital thermostats have accuracy ratings of 1° C or less and are programmable thermostats to help you control your heat to give you the lowest possible bill. Many of them like the Honeywell digital thermostat are powered by a battery which will last for a year or more and keep your heat program stored in case of a power failure.

One of the latest and most efficient ways to heat your house is with under floor heating, A thermostat that is programmable for different zones can help you to only heat the areas of the house that are occupied. It can also adjust the temperature down at night when no one is awake and then turn the heat up just before the alarm goes off. Coupling a digital thermostat with this kind of heating is rated as one of the most efficient ways to heat your house currently on the market.

One last great waster of heat is your hot water tank; your tank is designed to keep you supplied with hot water whenever you turn on the tap. This is fine except there is one small flaw in the idea; your hot water heater keeps the water hot 24 hours a day even when you are sound asleep or not at home. If you use a programmable water heater thermostat to keep the water hot when you need it and turn the heater down or off when you do not you can save a lot more money.

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Touchscreen Programmable Room Thermostat - Heatmiser PRT-TS

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Salus Programmable Room Electronic Thermostat

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