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Control Heating Bills with an Individual Room Thermostat

There is no doubt that today we are all looking for ways to save money on our heating bills, and we are willing to go to any length to do it. After investing in completely insulating your home and replacing all the old leaky single pane windows with new double glazed ones the next area of your house to take a close look at is the way your heat your house and how you control the heat. One of the newest and most efficient ways to heat your house is heating each room individually and then using a room thermostat to control the heat.

In the last few years underfloor heat has become a very popular way to heat a house. It is a well known fact that heat rises, so if you heat the floor the heat will rise and keep your house warm. On top of this if your feet are kept warmer in the winter the rest of your body tends to feel warmer. You can use an underfloor heating thermostat to control the temperature in your house as a whole or you can by room thermostats that will control the heat to each individual room, which is far more energy efficient.

Because you have heat under the floor in every room of the house you can place a programmable room thermostat in each room. Then you can set the room thermostat to each rooms individual needs, for example you may not want to keep your bedroom as warm at night or you can turn the heat way down in their during the day when no one is even using it. However the kitchen and living can be kept warmer during the day when they are being used.

Room thermostats like the Drayton Room Thermostat offer features like a digital display that shows where you have the temperature set and allow you to program them to vary the temperatures at different times of the day. This way you are only heating the rooms that need heat and then keeping them warm only when occupied.

There are several different ways to provide room by room heating you can use a baseboard heater that while not as efficient still heats just the room that it is in. When you use a room thermostat to control it you can program it to only keep the room toasty when someone is going to be in the room. The rest of the time you can program it to keep the room just warm enough not to be cold. This way you are not wasting money keeping room in your house heated when no one is in them.

Although central heat has been used for many years, it is not as energy efficient as underfloor heating with individual room thermostats has become in the last few years. While it might be a big outlay at first to have your home converted, in the end it will save you money.

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